Pain Management

Is it necessary to medicate the entire body when all you need is pain relief in one area?

Stomach upset, gastritis, and even ulcers are possible with long term oral NSAID use. There is, however, a therapeutic alternative to oral NSAIDs. DrugCo Pharmacy offer a variety of NSAID creams. Transdermal (absorbed through the skin) anti-inflammatory compounds are applied directly to the affected area without having to medicate the entire body. These creams require a prescription specifically written for a patient and each product is individually prepared for the patient.

We can also incorporate nerve pain medication, muscle relaxant and local anesthetic into one topical preparation. This will help eliminate unnecessary side effects if they were taken orally.

DrugCo Pharmacy works with some of the most recognized pain specialists in San Diego. We are more than happy to refer you to one of these specialists if you either need a second opinion or a more personalized care.