Pharmacists & Veterinarians work together to improve and maximize the success of medication regimens for domestic pets, exotics, wildlife, zoo animals and large & small animals. This also reduces the overall cost of animal care.

Lots of veterinary medications are not commercialized. Often times, commercial drugs for animals do not come in a dosage form for every species. Usually one or two strengths are available in one form such as a tablet. Birds and small animals will not take tablets. Large animals may require several tablets making it difficult to get them to take all of their prescription.

Veterinarian compounding is a specialty that makes sure your animal gets the best results from their medication by ensuring proper flavoring and appropriate dosage forms for the breed or type of animal. All animals are different and so are their taste buds. We flavor with the knowledge of what different animals and breeds prefer. This greatly enhances treatment outcomes by ensuring the animal will like the flavor and gladly “take their medicine.”